Guide To Selling At An Elders Auction

An auction is a three pronged marketing push.  You have the opportunity to sell your property before auction, on the day of the auction, or in the event the property is passed in, after the auction.

Advantages of selling at auction:

–  Control.  You dictate the terms, not the Buyer, which is normally the case in private treaty sales.
–  Price is taken out of the equation.  Limiting the property to a certain price range can also limit the amount      of buyers you appeal to.
–  A high intensity marketing campaign is conducted over a 4 week timeframe.
–  Auction creates a sense of urgency which motivates Prospective Buyers to make a decision on or before          Auction day.
–  Competition amongst Prospective Buyers at auction frequently achieves a higher price.
–  You get a cash unconditional contract, if the property sells before Auction or on Auction Day.

To view the ‘guide to selling at an elders auction’ please click on the booklet below.

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