Owner Services

Would you like to improve the returns on your property portfolio, receive great service and proactive communication?
Elders Wetherall Real Estate is different to most Real Estate Agencies in that property management is at the very forefront of our business.  With one of the owner/directors, Suzanne Wetherall overseeing the department, you can be assured that your investment property is in the very best of hands.

Service Is Everything

The key to successful property management is service.  It sounds simple enough but without the experience and expertise to do it properly an investment can quickly become a problem.
When opening our doors in 2007 we understood that the most common complaint made of Property Managers is that they don’t communicate.
With the assistance of a leading industry consultant we researched statistics and services to develop an internal structure that would guarantee that our clients would receive a top quality service.  Our Property Managers each have a cap of how many properties they can efficiently manage whilst maintaining the time to effectively communicate with both landlords and tenants.
Communication with our clients is of the upmost importance and we not only strive to succeed in this respect but we have taken dramatic structural steps to ensure that it remains our top priority.

Tiered Management Options

We recognise that no two properties or their owner’s needs are the same therefore we don’t subscribe to the industry approach of ‘one size fits all’.
To accommodate the varying needs of landlords we offer the opportunity to choose between three management options.
The difference between the three management packages is not in how well we service your property, it is simply what services you choose for us to provide.  Previously we have found that some landlords would prefer to carry out certain tasks themselves, such as paying their land tax or council rates and some landlords would prefer to know exactly what they will be charged so they opt for a fixed monthly fee with no additional costs.  Click here for more information.
To discuss your specific property management needs please contact Suzanne Wetherall on 9371 1000.

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