PM Testimonials

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for all of your wonderful efforts, your enduring patience and total professionalism always.  Knowing that the property has been in safe and trustworthy guardianship has been so very reassuring all this time.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Elders Wetherall to anyone given your track record with our family.

(C Sims, Bayswater)

It is wonderful to have such great tenants in our property.  It is also fantastic to have such wonderful property managers.  You have been fantastic at taking away the stresses of worrying about the property.

(M King & S Gannaway, Bayswater)

I would like to take the opportunity to say how routinely professional I found Elders Wetherall.  Always timely, courteous and fair to both tenant and owner.  Had I remained in WA I would certainly have purchased my next home through your business.

(S Jones, Bayswater)

We approached Elders Wetherall Real Estate in June 2008 after a barrage of difficulties over a three year period with tenant occupancy involving another real estate company. We spoke with Gerald Wetherall (Principal / Licencee) who had a professional and friendly approach to our current problems and he invited us to move our rental management to their business.
The worry in our lives have been transformed and we now experience high quality tenants, consistent rental payments, a high degree of maintenance and great communication regarding all aspects of our unit in Bayswater.
Things could not get any better and we are extremely happy with the quality of service and extremely friendly staff at Elders Wetherall Real Estate.  We would recommend their services to anyone engaging in rental management and assure them that they will not be disappointed.
(L & C. Lisle, Bayswater)

Buying a rental property can be a disaster for an investor.  Luckily for us we were given a strong recommendation from a family member regarding Elders Wetherall Real Estate.  
Over four years I have found the customer service and general advice to be superb.  Its always a worry to get new tenants and not know what to expect or who to choose.
Elders Wetherall has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is able to guide owners to the best plan of action.
My husband and I work away like many people in WA and we felt very comfortable with Elders Wetherall handling our property whilst we were uncontactable.  Who wants to work 12 hours a day for 14 days straight and have your real estate company contacting you constantly with unimportant issues.  You are able to set ground rules for your individual situation and have confidence in Elders Wetherall to make the important decisions on your behalf.
After 4 years with tenants with decided to sell our current property and move into the rental property.
(P. Thorpe, Morley)

When we were considering renting our property you provided the personal service that gave us the confidence to entrust our property with your agency.  Everything was handled very professionally from our first meeting.  

We were always kept fully informed throughout the various stages of the process from advertising, open house and the processing of the applications.  Your advice proved invaluable as we saw our property rented within 4 days!

Once again, thank you and we now look forward to a successful partnership over the course of the lease.

(J & M Morrice, Viveash) 

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