Selling Your Home

Selling Options To Consider

There are several ways to sell property; auction, fixed date sale and private treaty.

The method of sale for your property is ultimately your choice.  When weighing up the pros and cons there are a couple of key factors to consider:

  • What is the most common method of sale in your area?
  • Which method is likely to provide the highest price?
  • Which method is your Sales Consultant recommending and why?

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Government Regulations When Selling Your Home

Under government regulations introduced in 2009 two RCDs must be fitted to protect all power point and lighting circuits in all homes before the land title is transferred.  

Property owners must also install mains powered smoke alarms before settlement (in pre 1997 properties).

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Presenting Your Home For Sale

Why can two properties that appear the same on paper sell for different prices?  Quite often it comes down to a matter of presentation.

You only get one shot at ‘hitting’ the market in the right manner.

Results prove time and time again that a well presented property will attract more buyer interest, buyer inspections and in all likelihood, a better contract price than a home that is not well presented.

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