What you need to know about renting?

When it comes to leasing a home there are many questions that you may have regarding “what you need to know about renting”.  We have compiled a wealth of information answering many questions that you may have about your tenancy, your rights and obligations and those of the owner.

The information has been broken down into seven categories (shown below).  Please click on one of the categories to learn more.

Your tenancy induction appointment

All tenants listed on the lease agreement are required to attend the tenancy induction appointment (approx 45 minutes).  To learn what is discussed at the appointment and how you can prepare please click here to read more.

Commencement of lease/moving in

There is a lot to consider when preparing to start a tenancy and move into a new home.  Please click here to read more about contents insurance, security bonds, services & utilities and property condition reports.

Duration of lease

As managing agents of the property we have many responsibilities to both the landlord and tenants throughout the duration of the lease.  As tenants of the property you also have responsibilities including paying rent, taking care of the property (inside and out) and permitting access to the property for routine inspections.  To answer any questions that you have during your tenancy, please click here to read more.


What is the difference between routine and urgent repairs and maintenance?  How do I report maintenance?  To learn the answers to these questions, please click here to read more.

End of lease

Preparing to vacate a property is just as important as preparing to move in.  There is a lot to consider in the lead up to the end of your lease including a possible lease renewal, cleaning the property and preparing for the final inspection, receiving your bond back from the Department Of Commerce and cancelling the services and utilities.  For all information regarding the end of your lease including breaking your lease or providing written notification to terminate your lease, please click here to read more.

Government Regulations

In 2009, 2013 and 2015 new government regulations were introduced through the Department Of Commerce to ensure the safety of tenants in rental properties.  This includes rcd’s and smoke alarms, minimum levels of security through locks and lighting and most recently regulations around loose blind cords and chains.  To learn more about these regulations please click here to read more.

Forms and checklists

There are various forms and checklists which you may find useful at the commencement of, during and at the end of your lease including but not limited to a routine inspection guide, maintenance request form and termination forms.  Please click here to view a list.

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